Devises solutions for solving complex customer problems using company or customer furnished computer systems and equipment or commercial off-the-shelf packages. Collaborates with technical staff to understand and to develop new solutions or the resolution of software problems. Uses expertise to design develop, code, test, and debug software

Required Skills - in order of importance with years of experience needed

Oracle Enterprise Edition – 2 years

Preferred Skills - with years of experience needed
• Web Service standards (SOAP, REST, WSDL, WS-I Basic Profile, WS-* extensions and standards)

Provide primary job duties: Be specific in one line bullets for the top 5 job duties required in the position in order of importance with the percentage of time required to do that duty in the job. The percentages must add to 100%.
Job Duty 1 with % of time – Review Software Requirements -10%
Job Duty 2 with % of time - Develop and write code -75%
Job Duty 3 with % of time - Test software code – 10%
Job Duty 4 with % of time - Participate in meetings conferences – 5%

MFSI provides it's employee's with a full benefit package, including medical (AETNA - 2 options), dental (AETNA), Group Term Life Policy of $25,000, and a 401k with a 3% bi-weekly contribution by MFSI that is fully vested, whether the employee defers salary to the 401k plan or not.  MFSI pays 100% of the above for the MFSI employee and there are very competitive rates available to our employees for spouse, children or family coverage.  There are also many optional coverages avail to the employee at their cost, including vision, additional life insurance and short and long term disability. the medical/dental and life are valued at $4800/year, plus the 3% of salary in the 401k plan.

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